Jesus Doesn’t Need Your Write-In

Election sites are being set up. Candidates are making their final appeals. Volunteers are frantically setting out their candidates’ signs along busy intersections, highways, and byways. And all this just to determine who will sit in the White House as America’s next POTUS. This election season, probably more than any other, has generated much anxiety and fear. “How has it come to this?” I’m often asked.

I have talked with many friends who are quite literally dreading tomorrow. Some have said, “I’m not so much voting for someone as much as I am voting against someone.” Others have said, “I’m not voting for a person, but for the platform.” But by far, my favorite is when someone pulls out the old, “I’m not voting for either…I’m writing in Jesus.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with saying that or even actually doing that. That is, as long as we remember how inaccurate that statement is. With all the anxiety and the fear that has come with this election season, it is important to remember that Jesus’ authority is nothing like the election.

In this election, one candidate will be given authority by the people and the other will be denied authority by the people. But not so with Jesus. His authority remains whether people accept him or reject him. The Lordship of Christ is not contingent on our response to him. He is simply Lord.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus speaks and acts with authority while at the same time the people of Israel were rejecting him. Even when the representative of the people cried out, “We have no king but Caesar” (John 19:15), Jesus was still “he who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel” (John 12:13).

Throughout the Book of Acts, Jesus continues to reign supreme even while the authorities and nations persecute his people and reject his gospel. And even with all the rejection, he displayed his Lordship as many were saved.

In Paul’s letters, Jesus is proclaimed to be the unquestioned King. Paul did not act like Jesus’ campaign manager, hoping people would make Jesus their Lord. Rather, he proclaims the simple truth, “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17). He is not apologetic or sheepish about his message. He simply states what he believes. Either a person acknowledges it as truth or they reject it as a lie. Nonetheless, if someone refuses to acknowledge him as Lord, that does nothing to alter his status as King. He is still the sovereign Lord on the throne of Heaven.

In the final book of the Bible, Revelation, when throngs of people reject Christ and make allegiance with his enemy, Jesus is still the “King of kings and Lord of lords” (Revelation 19:16).

What does this mean for voters? It’s a simple reminder to two kinds of people. First, there are many of us who hold up our candidates in high hopes. “If he/she wins, then everything will be right again.” However, to that person, the message of the gospel says, “No president can right a wrong society…only the Lord Jesus can mend this broken world.”

Second, there are many who are approaching Election Day with great desperation. And if we are honest, the future of the world does look a bit bleak at the moment…regardless of who the next president will be. But remembering that Jesus is Lord, helps us to remember that things will not be as bleak as we may think. Sure, there may be major shifts in the political system; there will probably be economic ups and downs over the next four to eight years; personal comforts may be threatened. But the King of Heaven still has a plan to make a New Heaven and New Earth where he will one day dwell with his people, and nothing will hinder that plan. So, come Hillary or come Donald or come anyone else…Jesus reigns supreme!

So my friends, Jesus doesn’t need your write-in. He’s already got the power and authority whether the people acknowledge him or not. We may be voting for a new president, but we will never need to vote for Jesus. He is King on high and over all forever and ever.

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